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Hiring а designer doesn’t have to be so hard!

You have an amazing product, business or idea that will help people & you need someone to help you with design. But...

  • Not sure who to trust...
  • It takes a long time to decide who to hire...
  • Is this the best person for my project...
  • & other thoughts going through your head...


Jovan is a fantastic designer. Most designers design for the purpose of design, Jovan has an approach to design that makes a lot more sense to me, as a product person, and CEO of a SAAS company. He focuses primarily on the goal of the design, and not in an annoying way like a lot of designers do, but in a way we're he renders the design around that goal and purpose.

I highly recommend working with him, he does a lot of research on his own, which means that you are able to output a lot more than you would with other designers
"Fantastic Work! So accommodating and very helpful in communicating the technical side of his work."
“One of the best UX designers! Great in Adobe XD prototyping. Fast and on time. Knows his stuff very well“
“We worked together through, and successfully finished development of my website.“
as Web Designer

Jovan will increase landing page conversion

as UI/UX Designer

Jovan will increase product NPS and overall user satisfaction

Is Jovan the right designer for you?

If you are the Founder or Owner of a product - YES!

In my experience, I make the best results when working directly with decision-makers!

If you are looking for someone to do simple tasks or just to pass over some work - NO!

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