What is UX design? - Explained by UX Designer

What is user experience (UX)?

User experience is every interaction with products you ever had. From driving a bike to downloading and using an app. How did you feel when you tried to open that package, or when you went somewhere and wait a long long time? Bad? Well, that’s probably some bad user experience. How did you feel when you opened that new iPhone box? Good? That’s because of good User Experience!

What is User Experience Design?

UX Design is improving the existing experience so that products can be more useful, usable, and desirable.

  • Useful: Does a product serve the purpose?
  • Usable: How easy is it to use a product?
  • Desirable: How does the product look? Do you wanna use it?

Most of the people reading are interested in the digital part of UX design, like Web, App, or Software UX design. But UX design is not limited to things just mentioned.

UX Designer can also be someone who designs doors, packages, chairs, etc. Most of the people who are working in one part of the industry won’t work in another. So if you are a UX Designer for doors, you probably won’t be interested in Software UX Design, and vice versa.

What Digital UX Designer does?

If you are designing a web application, as every UX designer you are trying to improve those three things we mentioned before.

Your job would be something like improving how a user logs in or register, how it will order something and many more things. Your main goal would be to improve the experience for tasks that users and/or company care about the most. Maybe the user doesn’t care about paying for something every month, but you can bet the company will make it easy to setup auto-charging for a subscription every month!

If you want to become a UX Designer, one of the most important things to learn is to have empathy for a user. Being able to put yourself in someone’s shoes will help you to better understand their problems and needs.

UX Design is improving how people feel before, while, and after interacting with a product (no matter which category a product is a part of).